Monday, October 31, 2011

Goodies Bags Galore

Elliott is a quick learner. She has learned the skill of delegation of remedial tasks to skilled workers while she supervises.
Once Sam got in then it was time to get to the business: goody bag from Grandma time!! 
 Sam makes this face. I don't know what to say about that.
 Elliott checking out the "critter ball" as she calls it.

 Sam tried to keep his hidden. I don't think that he wanted his sister to know that he had a bag too.

The Many Adventures of Cow the Cow

Cow is Elliott's most beloved possession. He came from Papa Joe, one of Elliott's most prized play things. He goes on many adventures with Elliott; this is one of his daily adventures.

Today he can be found finishing up Elliott's McDonald's that she "needed." He is posed like a work of art. Note the contrast of his black and white with the polka-dot back of the highchair, his texture and the smoothness of the chair. There is the uncomfortable juxtaposition of cow and hamburger that makes you stop and think about your life. Are you the cow? Are you the hamburger? The artist Elliott has spoken.

Carving up some pumpkins

Elliott is already planning on eating pumpkin seeds.
 I think Daddy needs some help.

 This is a painting of Andrew when he was little. I see a small resemblance to Sammy.

Pumpkin Patch 2011

The pumpkin sheriff strikes again.

 She thinks that this pumpkin is yucky.
 Sam just runs around it.
 Stinker face
 He is just SO proud of himself.
Elliott taking time to stop and smell the flowers. 

 He only pauses for a second...
 and then he is off again.

You: Rin, your daughter is so well behaved. She NEVER throws toddler tantrums.
Me: Why yes, you are correct. 
 They are sitting next to one another AND looking in the same direction.
I count this as a win.
 Sammy hugs
 Elliott thinks she found her pumpkin.
 Daddy, this is a pumpkin, right?
 Sammy whining
Snort face 

~~Petting Zoo~~ 
She is interested in the baby donkey but the mama wants our attention.

 My kids love the llama.

Elliott protecting her backside from the goat. 
 Time to get down to business and get that pumpkin.

Sam decided that he needed to find his own.