Saturday, July 31, 2010

July 31, Saturday- UPDATED!!!

Who is this girl and what happened to my baby??A little salute
Looking at herself in the mirror
'Love me'- oh yes we do!!
And then this is what she looked like AFTER her nap...the toddler version of a drunken Nick Nolte.
Mommy's Little Darth Samious

July 30, Friday

Samster the Hamster

Thursday, July 29, 2010

July 29, Thursday

It took all day but I finally got Elliott out into the swimming pool. By the time she got to swim, the water was really warm just like bath water.
Lifeguard Ophelia kept an eye out on our little swimmer from the living room window. Elliott seems pleased to have such a friend.
~~ SpLiSh SpLaSh!!~~

She decided to start waving at all the neighbors coming home from work.
Yelling 'Hi' at them
Just waiting on another car
Daddy spent some time with Samuel...bonding
Samuel was playing on his fishes mat and apparently the kick ball was making too much noise. Elliott decided she needed to make it be quiet.
She was such a good big sister and kept making the fish play music for her little brother. He would get happy every time she pushed the button; he would squirm and coo.

Big yawns
Elliott was a little confused as to why he was watching her Baby Mozart DVD

Love those long eyelashes

She finally decided just to watch with him.

July 28, Wednesday

Child-proofing your house used to mean covering the electrical outlets and sharp corners. For a Barckley child, it means also locking your computer....with a password.
She figured out how to unlock the computer after about 3 minutes of trying and could consistently do it over and over.
The fishes wore him out!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

July 27, Tuesday

Elliott eating some cookies. And now she is trying to share one with Taran after she took a bite of it.
I wonder what MeMe is telling him. I think they are plotting to take over the family with MeMe being the brains and Samuel the muscle of the operation.

He is really good at holding his head up and turning it from side to side.
The babies and Tiny playing blocks.
(I think it is funny that 'the babies' just got done registering for middle school before this picture was taken.)
Samuel finally found his thumb and sucked on it for so long he lost hand perfusion. It must taste pretty good, Big Man.

July 26, Monday

He looks just like an old man with the grumpy expression and balding head.Even more 'old man' proof, he forgot to put in his dentures.
Some dimple action for MeMe
Ready for his fake ID. He is only 4 weeks but can easily pass for 3 months.
Some more dimples

Working on those fat rolls
Mean as a yard dog...he just attacked Daddy out of nowhere.

Really bitting in now
His fuzzy hair just pokes out everywhere
He now drools all over too
What are we to do with him?