Monday, November 14, 2011

While Daddy is out hunting wild game....

Nana knows that it is much easier to catch a big buck by hand feeding them corn chips when they are little.
He was so happy to just sit and be held by Nana. (As long as she had chips.)

Christmas trees are up at the Chilton

We took the kiddos to see the forest of Christmas tress in the lobby of Children's. Elliott was thrilled. She loves Christmas almost as much as her Daddy.
This was Sam's favorite tree. He kept coming back to it.
Good thing these cats aren't creepy.
Andrew liked the woodland themed tree. I think he just wanted to put bright red dots on the innocent animals.
This was Elliott's favorite tree. All she could talk about was Minnie Mouse.
Andrew saw a doll under the tree that he wanted.

Good Morning

What are your children up to? Mine are using the slide as a sled. Awesome.

It is Alabama. Who doesn't have a hunting blind in the living room?

We are trying out Andrew's birthday present to make sure it works alright.


Elliott in her mismatched Halloween outfit. She told me that it was okay that it didn't match because, "It goes."
Sam was the cutest little Ewok.

And here is the only picture of Elliott with her "Space Princess" Leia hat on. MeMe had to coax her into just this one picture. She insisted on wearing her hairbow and pink tutu with her outfit.
Sam did really well at only taking one piece of candy and then putting it in his bag. Favorites were Whoppers and Smarties.
Elliott picked whatever looked the best at the moment.
Elliott and Taran scouting for good buckets.
Elliott is carrying the pumpkin bucket that she talked me into buying at Target. By that I mean that she grabbed it and stood in the middle of the aisle saying please and telling me how pretty it was.

Taran and Caleb's costumes were pretty sweet too.

Over the state line and through the woods we go...

Sam practicing for his Thanksgiving role as the turkey.
Elliott "breaking the rules" by sitting on the table after Nana said it was okay.
Time to turn those heathens loose. Elliott is the practical thinker and needs to check the mail. Sam just follows along.
Nana and Sam checking out what used to be Uncle Charlie's woods.  That will be one big greenfield soon.
Delilah keeping watch.

Sam looking like his Daddy does when he runs.
They just couldn't help themselves.
Fat Kid is on a boat.
He took off running through a pile of leaves.
He thought it was going to look really cool.
Wipe out!
Brushing off his bruised pride
Sam just can't help himself but be 100% boy.

It is so hard to believe that they are almost the same size.
She got you a leaf.
Running his baby-mouth about something
And there he goes again...
Elliott tried to feed her leaf to Delilah.
Sam talking to Underfoot.
That nasty cat trying to rub on my baby.
And Sam just ran away.
All the animals still think he is going to drop food. Look at him; the boy doesn't miss much.
King of the Clothesline
Sitting on top of the gas reservoir.

Elliott got some of Nana's Halloween pretzels.