Thursday, January 27, 2011

January 27, Thursday

The mullet toss came in January this year. We tossed Elliott up in the salon chair and chopped off her mullet!!! She had a bad case of stranger danger so I had to hold her for the haircut.
 She did awesome! She just sat in my lap and talked to me the whole time.
 She looks so grown up.
 Unlike her brother... Aren't boys such dogs?
 Elliott showing off the new 'do. I can't wait to style it tomorrow morning.
 Here she is practicing for Toddlers and Tiaras. WE ARE GOING FULL GLITZ! Of course I am just kidding; those brats give me nightmares. (Yes, I know the onesie is too small but she loves the stinking thing.)
 MeMe thinks that Mommy needs a matching bob.
 And here is a fat kid playing with his food.

January 26, Wednesday

Elliott's new thing is shoes...Daddy's shoes.
 It took Elliott a few minutes to remember how baby jail works. She did eventually remember that you can look through the walls.
 Sam didn't seem to mind it so much.

January 25, Tuesday

My boys kicked back watching TV and playing on the internet.
 Check out that right side dimple. You know that you just want to eat him up.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Movie Time

Show me your WAR FACE!!

Monday, January 24, 2011

January 24, Monday

Oh no, they have figured out how to work in packs.

January 23, Sunday

I heart my little fat man!!!

January 22, Saturday

Elliott walked a mile in Daddy's shoes... and I think she loved it!
 I gave Sam a cookie to keep him occupied for 5 minutes so that I could clean the kitchen.
 5 minutes of quiet cleaning and then 20 minutes of bathtime and cleaning up his mess. Le sigh.

January 21, Friday

Sam going to town on that teething ring.

January 20, Thursday

There is no good that comes from this. Good thing Mommy is already awake. Daddy on the other hand...
Planning the attack. Sam plans a roundhouse kick to the face.
Elliott is a good nurse. She gives a quick sternal rub to check for responsiveness. No response.
Begin compressions! (Daddy did respond to toddler CPR.)
Obviously we are interrupting him.
Elliott washing her hands before cooking.
Making Sam some dinner.
Of course the fat kid will eat anything.
(I think my toddler has been watching shows about Jersey; purple track suit 2 days ago and head to toe leopard print today. Bust out the hoop earrings!)
 I'm amazed at what Elliott's becoming capable of. Today I gave her a bowl of Fig Newtons and she counted aloud the two of them to make sure I gave her enough before running off. On top of counting, her knowledge of anatomy exceeds "Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes" and her imitation of a zombie will help her survive that particular apocalypse... "Baaaeens" indeed, little lady, you've certainly got 'em!- Andrew

January 19, Wednesday

Posing for the camera. She did a good job matching the outfit to her hat.
The best picture of Sam today...
 That'll teach me to let Elliott use my pillow. Let her try to take a nap on the loveseat and watch some TV. Go check on her because she's calling "Daaaaa-deee." Only to find her stripped down holding her unfastened diaper on with one hand pointing to the skid mark she accidentally got on my pillow from taking off her soiled undergarment. Why? Why must she start the disrobing routine?- Andrew

January 18, Tuesday

Red face usually means biohazardous material...

Nevermind...he is just jealous that his sister is in his chair.
Elliott showing off her new Elmo shirt.

January 17, Monday

Who hooked my pedometer to the back of a toddler? How did I get 20,000 steps in an hour and a half?
She really loves her new hat.

Looking even more like his Daddy.
Some quiet time before bed. Elliott is being a great big sister and teaching him where his nose is.

January 16, Sunday

Elliott and her best hitting stick.
Words cannot even begin to describe this...
He loves watching TV.
And he loves slobbering all over his sister's blocks as well.

January 15, Saturday

Look at him trying to act all cool around the lady-folk. "No, I don't want that bottle. It isn't even mine. I mean, common, look at it; it's pink!"
Samuel has the undivided attention of all the ladies. I wonder what PopPop is looking at...