Tuesday, March 22, 2011

March 22, Tuesday

Snot Nosed Infant

March 21, Monday

Does this comb-over cover the bald spot?
Elliott cleared the couch faster than you can say, "Which fat kid farted?" 
 On her way to see Dr. Walley for her 2 year check up. She was 25 lb and 34 inches tall. Dr. Walley called her a supermodel and she has changed her behavior to match expectations. She sat on his couch all sassy to get her lab results.  She also has stopped eating. Some may blame her febrile illness but I feel that she is simply getting ready for pageant season. Polish the flippers, dust off the spray tanner and stock up on Toddler Crack (Pixie Stix).
 Then there is this guy who polished off a HUGE piece of pizza.
Can't you see the food guilt in his eyes? 
 We somehow managed to force Elliott to eat some cake.
 Sugar crash. Now back to being sick and miserable all night.

 And Sam is catching on to the sick trend; he woke up with a snotty nose and rash. I wonder if it is viral?

March 20, Sunday

Tiny girl is sick.
She is hot-blooded. Check it and see. She has a fever of 104.
 She prescribed herself Mt. Dew ORT.
(I was responsible and provided her with DIET Dew instead of the real stuff.)
 Completely hetero naked buddy wrestling
 Elliott drinking the world's smallest Frosty
 She told us that she would eat a hamburger for dinner and she wasn't joking; she ate all of her burger!
 The french fries were just for decoration.

March 19, Saturday

Family day at the Barckley's
Sam was stingy with his smiles
 Pop Pop is worried that Sammy will go to the University of Georgia...as their mascot
 Laser guided infant
 Popped collar, abs showing, d-bag expression...Jersey Shore material right here
Elliott going "whee" 
Pleased with her bubbles 

God love her 
Sam chil-laxin' on the hammock 
 Guard dog Kitty ready
 Elliott could only drive in reverse...women
 We might be in Alabama but Andrew is kicking it like he is in Havana
 Fat kid + Cake
 He thinks that she has food in her hand.
 We have to hide the super balls.
 Obviously in the way of TV
 The men are dancing
 Buddy hugs

Sunday, March 20, 2011

March 18, Friday

Dreaming about life on the outside
 Apparently we underfeed the fat kid so that he has turned to eating soot from the fireplace.
 If you think he looks bad, you should have seen the beige carpeting.

St. Patty's Day

Irish Girl
 Top of the mornin' to you
 Sam 2011
Elliott 2010 
 "And I add a little more green. It is missing some orange...."
 Elliott screaming at a mocking bird, mocking it of course. Notice Sam just cringing in the background.
 Doing his post-exercise stretches
 Tipping one back for the Irish
Shirt made by Daniel Branum

March 16, Wednesday

You are my puppet; you will take me bye-bye.
 Cool kid with the blocks