Friday, September 9, 2011

A visit from Papa Joe

The kiddos awaiting the arrival of a favorite toy...Papa Joe
He is teaching Elliott may useful skills.
Here she is practicing her vampire steaking ability.
Learning about nature with a pod of seeds.
She loves her new toy...treated lumber.
She is a Papa Joe's girl through and through.

The diva relaxing

Sipping some OJ in the shade
Trying on hats
Putting a bunch of quarters in Papa Joe's door handle.
Sailor Sam

Papa Joe survived all the way to bedtime.

One of those days

Have you ever had one of those days when the kids get real quiet and you know that they are up to no good?
All the toys that were in the living room somehow ended up in the front yard.

My cute man

Playing in the rain

Alabama State Fair

Packed up my wild animals and headed down the the Alabama State Fair to see MONKEYS RIDING DOGS! THAT'S RIGHT, MONKEYS RIDING DOGS!!!!
Elliott got to see a real cow.

I like how Captain Jack looks depressed.
A very informative sign
Time to check out some baby animals.
Elliott had only been asking to go see the baby animals for about a week.
Elliott talking to the goats.
Sam becoming mildly interested in playing with the animals.
Elliott looking like a natural cowgirl.

"I want to play!"

The cow has the same doofy teeth that Sam does!

Elliott tore up a corn dog.
Another child must be eyeballing her corndog.
"Girl, don't make me take out my earring. I will CUT you."
Still eyeballing while continuing to eat.
Sam enjoying him some fair fries.

Sweet girl sharing with Daddy.

And now Daddy sharing with his Tiny Girl.
Daddy had to try to win her a prize.
Elliott picking out which one she wanted.
She picked a pig.
She talked to the pig and gave it kisses the whole way home.