Sunday, October 25, 2009

October 25, Sunday

Elliott sitting on the kitchen table enjoying the morning sun. She loves watching her outside kitty, Mr Auto-Bots. I think he reminds her of the Lion King with his 'circle of life' demonstrations. You know, murdering innocent animals in the back yard by decapitation...
"Yeah, I love my mummy. What of it?"
Let me see... Leg warmers...Big hair bow...Hello '80s!!
Why so serious?
Thumb sucker! (Even thought it appears as if she is picking her nose.)
I so want to teach her the same hand pose but move it down to her chin. She would look like she is contemplating...

Take a close look at that right hand but ignore the dust on the table. She will be nerding it up with 'Live long and prosper' before too long.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

October 24, Saturday

"Hey Mom, what was I supposed to do with these things again?""Oh yeah, I remember!"
"Psst. Ophelia. Help a sister out."
"Are you ready?"
"Give me an A!"
"Yea Alabama! Roll Crimson Tide!"
Elliott, what does a Tennessee player look like?
Close honey, but they do that wearing orange.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Elliott is doing her part to save starving babies in China, Africa, and other impoverished 3rd world nations unfortunate enough to not get her leftovers.

October 21, Wednesday

Elliott V Pumpkin Patch,
Part 2
We ventured out to the Great Pumpkin Patch again today. Mommy was determined to get cute fall pictures and Daddy didn't care, he was just along for the ride. She was in a silly mood in the car and did great the whole way there. There were lots of kids there this time whereas last time the were about a dozen families. Elliott did not care for the crowds. She was a little hesitant and fussy to start with but she quickly warmed up and was able to ignore the other children.There was a preschooler screaming and running around. I love the "You Shouldn't be Doing That" look on her face!

What a mess!

The original picture.
Just a little editing... And this is what Mommy does
while on drugs...
That face is so, "I'm going to be a butt to you in just a minute. Give it time."
Attorney pose

"I think I see an arrowhead." Plotting her revenge
Not a bad one in the bunch!

Elliott is still all smiles even though she has a soggy bottom from the wet ground.
She looks so proud of herself. I wonder what she has done...
...oh, I think you know.
Time to go to the car for a massive clean up effort!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

October 18, Sunday

A face that strikes fear into any parent... Elliott is playing on the kitchen table.
Ophelia is so jealous. We don't let her on the table.
Good morning sunshine!
Reminds me of the Narcissus myth.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

October 3, Saturday

Roll Tide RollHoundstooth is definitely her color. (If you live in Alabama, then yes, houndstooth IS a color!)
We went shopping at Wal-Mart today and Elliott decided that she wanted to be a big girl. She rode in the cart for the first time!
Such a big girl!!
Let's hope this doesn't somehow make it to The People of Walmart!

And here is why we don't ride in the cart...she thinks that she needs a foot prop. It was quite the battle to keep her feet down.
She was being a silly girl when we got back home. It is funny because she sat on the couch and watched most of the Alabama and Kentucky game with just a brief nap halfway into the game. When I say watched, I mean that she was looking around me while feeding her because I was blocking the TV. Here the Auburn and Tennessee was on and she was interested in anything but the game. Roll tide!!
Here is her E.T. pose where she moves her head up to reveal that skinny little neck.
Little one, your attitude is showing
Little raspberries
She wants to be independent
Ready to run