Tuesday, July 28, 2009

July 26, Sunday

Oh no. What just happened?Those flip flops would look fabulous with my outfit. I'm sure Mommy won't mind....She has no clue about the big wave behind her.She didn't think it was very funny to keep that wave a secret.Oh no! She fell into a sand trap.Elliott, have you seen Mommy's popsicle?"I want ICE CREAM!"

Watching the alligators
She is very interested
Oh, Daddy

July 25, Saturday

Big stretches!I'm ready for the beach again.Elliott is thanking Daddy for bringing Hoot Hoots the Owl with on vacation. At home, Hoot Hoot stays up all night to protect her from snakes and rats and spiders because Hoot Hoot is nocturnal. That means that Hoot Hoot sleeps all day and is awake all night. The first night we were there, Elliott was a little confused because bedtime was a little different. As soon as we took out Hoot Hoots, her face lighted up and she was trying to give him goodnight kisses. Hoot Hoot did have to work extra hard at the beach though. Instead of just protecting against snakes and rats and spiders, he also protected against sharks and sting rays and sand crabs. He didn't protect against jellyfish because no one is protected from jellyfish.I want to swim where the fishes are. I want to see, want to see them swimming. Flipping around with those, what do you call them again, oh yes, fins....
LoViNg ThE bEaCh!
Oh no. Elliott got into the milk again....
Beach Bums
We are going to go look at the boats when we are done eating. Don't look so surprised. We are at the beach so we have to look at the boats.

I think she is excited.
Doofy baby facexxDaddy Kissesxx
Elliott and Daddy enjoying the sunset and the boats. This is just moments before...
Why is Mommy's foot wet?Oh, that's right. I held my tinkle for so long that when I went, I overflowed my diaper and tinkled all over Mommy's foot. Ha ha!

July 24, Friday

Elliott is ready to go play on the beach.

Aren't you forgetting your bathing suit?"This isn't what I expected it to be!"

"OK, maybe it isn't so bad..."

"That towel sure does look yummy."

"If I could just put it in my mouth...""Nothing to see here folks. Just sucking on my thumb."
"Aha! I got it!"

"Silly parents didn't even see it coming. I am the BEST!"

"A girl could get used to this."

"This is the life; lying on the beach with my toes in the sand."
Elliott just laid back relaxing. Little does she know that we are offering her up to Neptune as a trade. He took Andrew's favorite sunglasses 2 summers ago and Andrew still wants them back.
Living the dream. She never thought that the dream involved so much sunscreen, jellyfish and an inflatable blue whale.
We are ready to go to McGuire's!

Elliott and Daddy walking on the beach.
"Elliott, do you see that there in the distance?"
"See what?"