Tuesday, May 24, 2011

May 22,Sunday

The Barckleys assembled for Taran and Caleb's birthday.
Elliott showing MeMe how to blow bubbles.
 Samuel and PopPop doing man stuff...talking football
 Sam dressed in his conductor overalls that Andrew just had to have.
 I heart my fat kid!!
 Sam figured out how to end the soccer game
 Elliott and Caleb just swinging
 Happy Birthday Taran!
 Happy Birthday Caleb!
 You don't want any of this.
 Buddy Bubble Time
 VERY interested in PopPop and his bubbles
 Elliott is such a mess

May 21, Saturday

Our first baby hiding from the rest of the children. Her hiding spots are getting more sophisticated. Who would think to look in the bottom half of the refrigerator?
 Sam confused by Joe and Steve. At least he is representing wearing his Blues Clues green shirt.
 Stinker face and smelling face are one in the same
 She just HAD to wear her floppy hat today
 Mr Auto-Bots came back!!

May 20, Friday

 We call this pose the accusinator
 We are in such trouble

May 19, Thursday

Sam stuck inside while all the fun is being had outside
 Up, up and away

 We stopped throwing her long enough to flag down the ice cream truck

May 18, Wednesday

Sam staring inappropriately at Nina
 He carried his book to Elliott to read
 There he goes!

 Such a handsome Fat Man
 Daddy took over story time

May 17, Tuesday

Elliott wanting to bust out her buddy
 She is 2 going on 18. All she wants to do is hide in her room and write in her diary.

 Mommy is home!
 A little playtime at the park
 Sam loves his swing-time
 Elliott playing "The Shining" with the slide.
 A little static electricity

 Follow the leader

May 16, Monday

Playing nicely together

May 15, Sunday

Horsey ride gone awry

 Sam socializing with Caleb