Monday, May 31, 2010

Splash Pad

We finally got a chance to take Elliott to the Splash Pad Water Park.She tried to make friends with another girl, but the other girl didn't want to be her friend.
She led Daddy all over the place.

Squeals of excitement!

We only stayed about 20 minutes because it was thundering and getting close to dinner time. I should have gotten video of the fit she threw in the parking lot as we were leaving. Apparently, she wasn't ready to leave yet.

Birthday Party!!

Someone really wants some homemade coconut birthday cake! Don't mind if I do...
That is a little better, you know, using utensils and all...
Elliott loves Meme's cake

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Saturday with the Barckley's

All clean and ready to go hang out with her people!
Ready just as soon as she gets a quick Daddy kiss!
MeMe had just fixed up PopPop's hammock so Elliott and Daddy did a safety inspection.
Uncle Caleb and Elliott getting in some quality time on the swings.
Tiny got her hair in pigtails while MeMe made dinner.
Taran, Elliott and MeMe all making dinner together!
Checking out PopPop's progress on the canoe.
Elliott solving a Rubik cube in 3 minutes.
Smartest. Baby. Ever.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Shower time

I love my baby girl!!!

MeMe's House

Holding in her enthusiasm...but not for long!
Who loves being silly?
One of her new faces
Teaching Kitty how to share
She is a toddley, no baby here.

Quick trip to the pool

Elliott and Daddy went to the pool but the trip was cut short. Elliott does not like teenagers disrupting her peace and quiet. Just getting some sun

Breakfast at The Donut Hole

Friday, May 14, 2010

Sunday in Destin

Elliott is catching on to the whole idea of what it means to be at the beach so she is up and ready to go nice and early.
She is waving bye-bye to herself because she wants to go.

Her hair, however, does not love the beach.
She worked hard all weekend to figure out how the radio worked.
While we drank our coffee, Tiny went on ahead and got in her float. You know, if her prior clues weren't obvious enough.
Yes, we know you want to go play in the ocean!!
This is for you, Courtney. I told her that she wouldn't see a picture of me in a bathing suit while pregnant.
I still draw the line at wearing a two piece! Oh no! That is not how we use a shovel.
Life is good today

She is showing me where she just cleaned the sand off her hand.
Making friends with everyone who walks by.
There is no denying it....
She is finally able to use the whale. It was just too windy for him in the ocean.
Time to eat at Fudpucker's
The best part is the alligator farm just outside.
Daddy is teaching her all about 'dem gaters'

Once she got ahold of the rail, she wouldn't let go!
Who wants a gator ride?

Not in the mood for Daddy's shenanigans
Notice that she is walking away...
She is done with this.
Yep, time to go.

The honeysuckle smelled sooo good!
Time to walk the beach one last time as a family of 3.
A picture of my 2 favorite people: Elliott and that guy back there by the other condo.

Daddy Kisses

It is starting to get chilly on the beach but Elliott is all warm and cuddly.
Someone is ready for bed.
Rough day?