Monday, February 28, 2011

February 28, Monday

 Sammy loves showing off those bottom two teeth
 The top four are a bit more elusive
And then there is this....

February 27, Sunday

I got out of the shower and came upon this scene..
 Elliott doing the Jersey Shore Fist Pump as hard as she can
 Sam's Bell's Palsey is acting up
 He is begging his sister for food.

February 26, Saturday

I was trying to get ready for work and all Elliott wanted to talk about was going night-night at MeMe's.
A few Facebook messages and a phone call later I was packing up the Jeep with the children and headed to MeMe's. They ate brunch (actually is was their second breakfast) and played to their heart's content.
 Elliott is a PopPop's girl
 And Sam is a MeMe's boy.
 Look at him acting all cool about it. Not even the hint of a smile with MeMe making silly faces.

February 25, Friday

Tried to get the boy to clap but all he wanted to do was eat.

February 24, Thursday

"Hello, Ladies. I am a Cancer who is 2'4" with blue eyes, blonde-brown hair and a muscular build. I like snuggling on a cold winter's day and long stroller walks in the spring. I can't drive but my Dad takes me around in his Jeep; it is red and I look real cool riding in the back of it."
 "Shoo, girl, don't you be playing those games with me."
 Tough guy act
 Basically we are the worst parents in the world. Forget about beating and starving your children, putting a toddler in a dryer should be a felony.
 Sam does not care what we do to him as long as he gets to eat.

February 23, Wednesday

All of a sudden the house became eerily quiet...
She fell asleep reading one of her cards.
One little monkey jumping on the couch

February 22, Tuesday

Yelling at his paci Double trouble
McGruff take a bite out of crime much like this fat kid with candy The look of terror that we might take his food away

Playing in the pantry like friends Friendship over!
Elliott trying to close him in
Chef Barckley hard at work

Elliott tells the ants on Kai-Lan to Mandarin!!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

February 21, Monday

Little Red Riding Hood is not wearing pants!
He is such an angel when he sleeps
and then looks like Mommy does when you wake him up.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

February 20, Sunday

Chil'ren's E.R-rah(Pronounced just like it is spelled) Play Date at the State Park

Elliott made sure that her and Daddy went fishing first thing. On a recent trip to Wal-Mart Elliott had seen a Barbie fishing pole with matching glasses and a tackle box that she just HAD TO HAVE. Today was the day to bust it out. She didn't catch anything but a great time. Little Buddy looking all serious because he lost his dentures it appears. Elliott "hugging" her friend Aubrie.

Playing with some bubbles
Fat kid eating dirt since no one ever feeds him. Lost in thought...he is actually staring at Poo Elliott making friends with Ebby; "I present you with the leaf of toddler friendship."
Sam and his friend Zona
He looks like he is plotting against her.
Fat Kid really wants his toy
Miss Zona clearly telling Sam how it is.
Sam thinking about stealing the ball away.
Aubrie is clearly becoming the leader of the infant pack.
Football time!
Sam is more interested in Jamie and her man Poo than he is in football.
The China Man took the poor white girl's fishing pole. I don't think he will catch many (straight) fish with a pink butterfly. (Yes, he really did go fishing with Elliott's pole.)
Elliott didn't care. She just sat by the water's edge and threw pine cones into the water. Her method of catching fish was just as effective as her Daddy's fishing pole; neither caught any fish!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

February 19, Saturday

The rugrats spent the night at MeMe and PopPop's house and were just as rotten as ever!
I mean just look at this kid; he has trouble written all over him.
MeMe used her magic powers and cast a spell upon the young prince.
Elliott doing her drawing.
Sam is looking right at MeMe.
We had Arby's for lunch; Samuel is no better than any other household pet. That fat kid ate!