Saturday, January 21, 2012

Living the Dream

Sam being a cute man (who really needs a haircut.)

 Looking mighty fine for a boy with bronchiolits. (Oh yes, he is wheezing, retracting, grunting, nasal flaring, using abdominal accessory muscles and breathing 60 times a minute. But he looks so happy to be in mild respiratory distress!
 It was a big day for my Tiny Girl. We went all day wearing big girl panties and didn't have any accidents!! (The cost was 3 Hello Kitty stickers and one Strawberry Shortcake sticker.) After her bubble bath, hair grooming, full body massage with lotion and getting on her PJs, Elliott still needed to get ready for bed. Apparently, that means having to put on a Hello Kitty necklace, pink sunglasses and Hoot-Hoot. She truly is a kindred spirit to her Aunt Courtney at the Sick Baby Hospital.

#14 feels just as good as the rest of them did!

I woke the kiddos up to watch the end of the National Championship game.
 (Yes, I know the screen is paused. It kept messing with my auto focus.)

Sam was able to muster up some cheer. 
 This is all that Elliott had in her.
 "Can I go back to bed now, Mom?"
 "Elliott Barckley, this is important. You need to be thankful that you were able to witness another national championship. I don't care that we already had 13. National championships are like children; you are thankful and love all of them,  no matter how many you have."
Here is her excitement...
 Why is she wearing a creepy smile?
 Oh, that would be why. Although it makes me feel uneasy, it is still nice to see him smile.
RoLL TiDe!!

"Nana 'sippi, Kill Bambi. Yum"

A beautiful January day for hunting...
 Sam just talking with the men.
 Elliott trying to figure out how to work a bow. If Daddy isn't going to kill Bambi for her, well then she will just go do it herself.

 While Elliott figures out the bow, Sam and his cousin Will wrestle.

 I got it!

 Sam taking a break from boy things to fix his cars on the table; it had got bumped and the cars were not how he wanted them.
Elliott getting in on some roughhousing.

Two Barckley Babies are no match for a Hester Boy.

 Sam was all tuckered out after a long day.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Happy New Year

Here Piggy, Piggy, Piggy

Elliott found a Halloween mask and decided to chase Sammy around.
 Look at that face!
 He just kept yelling at her.