Monday, August 20, 2012

First Day of School!!

Elliott is ready for her first day of Nursery School!

 Cute poses only last about 30 seconds for this girl.

 Rocking the Minnie Mouse backpack.

 Loaded up and ready to go.

 Not so sure about this.

She made it home with a rainbow stamp on her hand so I guess she passed her first day!

Meet the Teacher

Elliott doesn't like having an assigned seat. She doesn't like the little boy at her table that needs Ritalin-O's for breakfast. She doesn't like that her teacher thought she was a boy.
Monday needs to go better than this; time for sushi!
(She ate ALL her sushi and ate the baby octopus off the top of the piece that her and Daddy were supposed to share. He was pretty upset over the situation; he fed her wasabi twice and she took it like a champ.)

Swimming at Nana's!!

Toss the kiddos in the back of the truck for a ride to the swimming pool.
 Aren't you going to close that? Everyone knows that it is only safe to ride in the bed of a truck if the tailgate is up.
(ER nurses calm down; the swimming pool is a drive across the front yard.)
 Scrappy Dog is ready to save a a moment's notice.
Always on guard, ready to protect and serve. 

 I don't trust that.
 I don't trust that either.

 They were wore out!

How I left them when I went to work

They both turned over tubs; Elliott the dirty laundry tub and Sammy the lego tub.
(Elliott put her own sandals on.)

Elliott's artwork

Water-gun fight in the front yard

Time for the annual photo of Grandma, Papa Joe and grandchildren

The girls look good but the boys aren't paying attention
 Sam still isn't paying attention.
 Elliott is sticking out her tongue and Papa Joe isn't looking and Sam still isn't paying attention.
 Perfect smile on Grandma and Elliott but the boys are still rebelling.
Flip! Fat kid finally smiles and no one else is looking. 
 Forget it. Still not the worst annual photo.

Live long and prosper

Wrong Vulcan.
Check out his shiny metal bottom.

 Elliott showing off her bracelet that she made at Bass Pro.

 She is a mess.

Peter Pan and his shadow 

 100% BOY
 Children's Hospital of Alabama turned off its cloaking shield.

Fat Daddy just couldn't help himself. 
 Sometimes the boy just has to run.