Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Made it to Chicago

Time for bed after a long drive...

Ninja attack!

The Field Museum

Andrew and the kiddos took the day to explore Chicago while I was at my conference.
The kids were content to just watch the boats.

A quick visit to the Field Museum.
They saw an Egyptian boat.
And a statue to the cat goddess, Bastet
Roll Tide!
Saying hey to Sue

Here's lookin' at you, kid.
Pink swans
The albatross
Sammy doesn't play favorites...he likes the white
and the brown boobies all the same.
Cuddly bear

Tick tock croc

Elliott got a triceratops toy "just like the skeleton bones"
Tiny, there is a grub on your head...
Lucy needs to have a little more modesty going on

Navy Pier

First up... the Ferris Wheel
The kids were more excited than they looked.
Why must he look down?

Then the kiddos rode on the lighthouse ride.

The Carousel

Andrew eating his 7 or 8th hotdog of the trip and it is only day 2

Sammy trying to get to the boat for a ride

Sunset boat cruise
Captain America here to oversee this vessel