Tuesday, November 30, 2010

November 23, Tuesday

Andrew and I have a lot to be thankful for this month. Today we are thankful that we were both first-borns so that our older sister didn't do this to us...

November 22, Monday

Ready for steak and eggs for breakfast

Playing with his sister's cars

Sister is helping him play cars
It looks like he has been crying as hard as he can for HOURS. Nope. That wet chin is not tears, it is drool because we are shaking a bottle in front of him and he thinks we aren't going to feed him.

November 21, Sunday

Note the green light on the XBox. He learned how to turn it on.
When I tried to wake Elliott up this morning, she pulled the cover over her head so all I saw was a little hand poking out.
Have no fear...the morning baby is up and ready to go

November 20, Saturday

My dream is that one day we will reclaim the house for Team Adults.
Elliott thinks that Sam needs the owl mobile to help him take a nap. It makes sense since she needs her hoot hoots.
She is teaching him where his nose is. This is very important knowledge that he will need for the rest of his life. He could be on Jeopardy one day and the answer could be, "It is on your face between your eyes and mouth." He would be rich and it would all be because his sister taught him where his nose is!

November 19, Friday

He is such a laid-back child
"Hey! MeMe wasn't a glass-blower so get out of the way!!"

November 18, Thursday

Sam hasn't made much progress since last night...from his play pen to the bed.
Elliott picked out her outfit this morning.
Girl pow-wow

November 17, Wednesday

Elliott having some regressive behaviors

The "girls" watching TV before bedtime
Sam just couldn't hold out for me to get home from work.

November 16, Tuesday

Hey, Dad, how you doin'?
Sister sucks her thumb but Sam likes his whole hand
He is such a cute little fat kid!
Daddy tickles!!!
We are almost sitting up without tripoding!

November 15, Monday

Mr. Fat Man enjoying some chicken and dumplings
They were yummy-yummy

November 14, Sunday

Sam loving him some MeMe
While Elliott gets all of PopPop's attention

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I am once again having problems with the blog. I will try to fix these issues on Friday and do a MEGA update!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

November 13, Saturday

Just sitting next to her brother makes her want to puke.
They were watching TV together. (Note: this picture is a fake. We posed them and it lasted for about 3.7 seconds. I prefer to live the lie.)
Sam does not understand the concept of 'pound it' yet. Elliott is clearly trying to be his buddy.
I would like the roast beef for dinner to go with those rolls, please.

November 12, Friday

November 11, Thursday

I wonder what he is looking at...
His big sister, of course!
She wants you to blow the pinwheel for her.
I think that he was trying to do the worm across the floor, but he looks more like a snail with the trail of slime.
Elliott learned nothing from her 'Yummy,Yucky' book. Crayons are

Thursday, November 11, 2010

November 10, Wednesday