Thursday, June 30, 2011

June 22, Wednesday


June 21, Tuesday


June 20, Monday

Poor angel isn't feeling well. She decided to put herself down for a nap and didn't even bother to take out the hairbow.
Begging for his dinner 

June 19, Sunday

They all look incredibly guilty to me.
 Elliott hitting the side and Sam screaming to get this wagon rolling.

June 18, Saturday

My little boy... one might even call him a half-pint.

Elliott keeps a close eye on Sam... 
 and then runs away with her drink so that he can't get it.

June 17, Friday

This ol' boy is ready for the weekend.
 Partying like a rockstar.
(Rockstars do wear diapers on their heads. I looked it up on Wikipedia so it has to be true.)

June 16, Thursday

My little girl is growing up too fast.

Big man watching TV with no pants on, a bear hat and his paci. He is living life. 
 Check out the guns on his arms! It is okay, he has his pistol permit in his hand. (Actually, it is his Daddy's permit.)

June 15, Wednesday

Sam clearly enjoyed his BBQ sandwich and Happy Day cake.
 Elliott being dainty.

June 14, Tuesday

After dinner, we all played in the sprinkler and Daddy picked some blackberries.
You give the boy a blackberry and you get this for dessert.
 Sam and his "Hulk smash" face

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Beach Bums '11

Mission: FaMiLy VaCaTiOn 2o11
Location: DeStIn, Fl
Status: InItIaTe

We packed up the Jeep and headed to the beach with the kiddos on Thursday. While Elliott is an experienced Sand Rat, Sam is a greenhorn. They tolerated the drive down better than I did;we had just one stop at Denny's for lunch and several hours of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on the portable DVD player.  I now get nauseated every time I hear the Hot Dog Dance. We eased Sam into the experience with something that he is familiar with and good at...eating dinner.
Fat Daddy loved the seafood!!
We took a quick stroll down the pier to look at the fishes per Elliott's request. This girl is serious about watching fishes. Daddy had to carry her because I still hold a grudge over her first trip to the pier.
It is too bad Daddy left her Barbie fishing pole at home.
I'm sittin' on the dock of the bay
Watching the tide roll away
Ooo, I'm just sittin' on the dock of the bay
Wastin' time
Sam and his "old man" face just cracks me up!
"No Sir, I do not know how BOTH of my children accidentally fell into the water. They were sitting on the bench and I just bent down to tie the laces on my flip-flop...."
Elliott is back on the beach!!
Sam, I would like to introduce you to Mommy's happy place.
Heaven on Earth
Toes in the sand
Digging the waves

Elliott remembers what the beach is all about and so she is off to do her own thing.
She is about the cutest thing ever. The wind kept blowing her hair while we were walking on the boardwalk. She was frantically grabbing at her head and more especially her hairbow. She started yelling, "Seagulls, no. No, seagulls. My hairbow!" She thought that there was a bird in her hair trying to steal her hairbow! I love my silly girl!!
Little Miss Independent
Sam is getting the hang of the beach.
What do you think of the beach, son?
Thank Goodness It's Friday
Finally Time to Play on the Beach!!

 Of course it goes directly into the mouth

Playing nice near each other
 He is the grossest kid I know.

 McGuire's for Dinner
Sam is just kicked back laughing at Daddy.
 Can I buy 4 or 5 of these signs for work?
 Shepherd's pie, corned beef and cabbage and bean soup make a girl thirsty.
Check out the look of disgust.
 "Are you serious? You really think that I am going to kiss that thing? Mom hasn't even wiped it with a Clorox wipe and he surely hasn't brushed his teeth. Gross."
 Sam just wanted to pet the moose.
 These are some sleepy babies.
 We found enough energy in them for a short stroll on the beach and a rare moment for Mommy to be in front of the camera.

 At home you need to check under the bed for monsters. At the beach you have to check the ocean for sea monsters before you go to bed. I think Daddy is doing a very thorough job.
Daddy offering Sam up to Neptune in hopes that he would return the sunglasses that he took 5 years ago.
No luck this time
Sam trying to keep his drink cool in a bucket of ocean water.
The Diva does not wish to be photographed while sunbathing!
She couldn't help herself but to peek to see if I was still paying attention to her.
Andrew was eating a bowl of fruit for lunch and Elliott's response was, "Ooo, strawberries! Share Daddy!" So we have the sharing concept down as long as it benefits her.
Hanging out on the balcony
Check out the tan lines on that boy's arm!
Singing her silly songs
Elliott is a self-contained entertainment center. She is not only amusing herself but Sam as well.
Dinner at Fudpucker's
Sam thought that the car ride was pretty cool.
Elliott is going through a difficult stage right now called being 2. She did not love the horse ride.
Sam riding a gator. That boy needs to watch more Swamp People and get educated on alligator safety. If dat gator rolls...shoo, he's done fer.
Elliott's meager attempt to appease her parents with a "smile."
"Can I be done now?"
Watching the alligators play
Sam liked the lemon we gave him so we are trying out the lime today.

He loved it and kept coming back for more!
Elliott was all about the head-smush today.
Enjoying our last day on the beach.

 Who is Sam yelling at?
 That isn't yelling; that is stinker face he is making at a group of 10 year old girls. The worst part is that they thought it was super cute and kept encouraging him. I never thought I would refer to a 10 year old as a cougar, but....
 "Leave my brother alone! You are making too much noise and I am trying to relax."
 Sleepy man
 Whiny toddler

 I am Sam

 Elliott played so hard that she took a nap every day. That is something that doesn't happen at home. We would shower off when we would come back to the condo and one day she fell asleep while I was drying her off. God love his little lamb.
 Nothing beats a little ice cold milk on a hot summer's day on the beach.
 He looks so grown up.
 Here he looks demonic with his stinker face.
 This is Sam...
 and this is the possessed Chucky doll.
 Elliott pointed to the sky and told Daddy that the cloud looked like a dog. I can see the resemblance.
 One last swim in the pool
 Andrew picked out Sam's float. It is a "rocket ship" with a "noise-maker" on the front. That is all I can say about that.

The ride home
Life is back to normal.
I was running a bubble bath while Sam and Elliott finished eating dinner. Elliott started yelling, "Mommy! Mommy! Sam spaghetti! Yucky!"
The world is back to normal.