Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Grandma is here!

Elliott was super excited that Grandma came to visit and she brought marshmallows!
We spent one very hot afternoon at the Splash Pad.
 Elliott was more interested in the playground than she was in the water.

She looks like she is doing the robot. 
 Mostly she wanted to be held by Grandma.
 And Little Buddy was hot on their heels.
 We spent one day at the McWayne Center.
We dug for dinosaur fossils. 

 Then we went to see the fish.
Sam was slightly interested in the fish but mostly interested in the other children. He even tried to help a girl with cerebral palsy drive her electric wheelchair. (He just wanted to push the buttons.) 
 Elliott loved the fish.

 Sam's favorite part was the water table.

 Sam took a quick break...
 while Elliott played with the bubbles.
 Grandma's last day was spent locked in the house with the toddlers.
That should teach her not to come back again until next year!
Elliott had to rock the shades because that morning sun is just so bright. 

 Proud of her work
Sam checking out his sister's shenanigans under the slide. 
He looks like he is ready to get into some trouble. 

 Elliott took advantage of all the attention.

While Sam the Lone Wolf did his own thing. 
 Brandi just couldn't help herself. She saw a princess coloring book and it was like taking crayons and a coloring book from a baby.
Grandma, I think you have done it. It looks like you have successfully tired out a toddler. 

 A beautiful family portrait.
All 4 have their eyes open and no one is crying.

4th of July

Elliott loved her "Slappey-Joe Fireworks"
 It was a beautifully hot and humid night on top of Children's parking deck. It didn't seem to bother the kiddos.


Elliott chasing rainbows

 Buddy time

 Little Buddy climbing up the slide
 Little Buddy falling off the slide. (Note Daddy is still taking pictures.)
 Little Buddy is angry at the slide.
 And now he is just walking it off.
1 Year visit with Dr Walley!
24 1/2 inches 

 Don't mind my well behaved children just reading their periodicals.
Playing on Elliott's bed. 

Oh my.