Wednesday, March 21, 2012

St. Patty's Day 2012

Mommy: "Can you two please just sit next to one another long enough for me to take one good picture?
Sam, quit crying. Elliott, quit looking devious."
Mommy: "Sam, I said quit crying not cry more. Elliott, you look surprised. Please just smile."
Mommy: "Sam, quit crying. You don't have to smile but just quit crying. Good job Tiny."
Mommy: "Sam, this wouldn't be so painful if you would just quit crying and look at the camera."
 Elliott: "Mommy, I farted."
Mommy: "Great. I don't care as long as you just keep smiling."
Sam: "Ewww!!!" Elliott is now looking embarrassed.
Mommy: "If you aren't going to stop crying and look at the camera then just hug each other and pretend to like each other. I don't care as long as I get one good picture."
Almost hugging his sister looks exactly like trying to pass hard stool.
Mommy: "Good job, Sam-man!! Dangit, Tiny, are you kidding me?!?! Wipe the silly look off your face, Sam is cooperating."
Elliott: "I tickle Sammy's butt."
Mommy: "You make me want to stick babies with needles and when I do, those babies cry. Are you happy that you make babies cry? Please, all I want is one picture that I can hang up at work. Can I get ONE good picture?"
Elliott: "I give Sammy kisses? Com'ere Sammy!"

Elliott: "Mwaaa! Can I watch the Lion King now?"
And now Sam is done and getting off the couch.
Daddy came home for a minute to see his chil'rens.
(And because his wife was having a Level 3 Code November meltdown about being out of diapers and the minivan not starting.)
Sam is a cute man

But Elliott is DaDdY's GiRl!!

Luckiest. Day. Ever.

After visiting Mom at work, the kiddos went to the park with Daddy.
Just as they pulled up, so did the ICE CREAM TRUCK.


Home after a long day at work

to find Papa Joe, sitting on the couch with my babies, watching The Incredibles.
The flash photography is messing with his movie.

My baby girl is 3!!!

Happy Birthday to my Tiny Girl!
She got "video games" so now she can play just like Daddy.
She got to open her present from Grandma after morning naps.
Which to open first?
"Ah! A fwowa dwess! Cute!"
Checking to make sure that it is a name brand and Grandma ain't just buying stuff that has "fallen off the back of a truck."
(Of note, Elliott still won't wear the dress because she thinks that it is stuck on her because of the smocking.)

Wasting no time...

The dress needed a quick hug.

What is it?
"Little Kitty pantieeeeees!"

Cleaning up Dora's weave
Apparently Dora needed a kiss for being a good girl while getting her hair done.
Most of them are missing in this picture, but Elliott did wake up to a ceiling filled with pink and purple balloons. Nothing says "Happy Birthday, I hope you don't have a Latex allergy" like 30 balloons covering your bedroom ceiling.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Elliott's Birthday Party

Elliott had a great birthday party at the park. It was a blustery day but that didn't slow her or Sam down any.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Reggie's Birthday Party

The kiddos went to Reggie's birthday party and Elliot was having some issues she needed to work out with a golf putter.
 Sam being awkward.

 The girls banning Sam from the kitchen.