Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Elliott is a hungry girl

Elliott chowing down on some pizza and wings. She is trying to act nonchalant...
 but the girl just can't help herself.
 Apparently she was hungry.
Daddy's girl licking the bowl of blue cheese dressing clean. 

What do you do on a HOT August day?

Elliott tried to help inflate her water wings while I blew up the whale float. Don't be fooled; Daddy had already blown them partially up.
Elliott was content to sit on the stairs to begin with.
My Sam-man took to the pool like he lived in water for 9 months...
 He is such a water baby.
 Running his baby mouth to Daddy about who knows what.
 Stinker face
 He tried his hardest to flip the whale over.
 He thought he was just a riot of hilarity.
 Elliott mostly remained on the stairs until she realized that she could get in the whale float with her water wings still on.
 Game on.
Sam didn't care because he was a sleepy man with a bad case of the eye-rubbies.
He was trying his hardest to figure out the swimming thing. 

 He did pretty good with the kicking and knew that he had to do something with his hands.
 Elliott got brave and wanted out of the float.
She did not do as well with the swimming as she did with the sinking. 
She was a little upset over the situation. 
 And now giving the evil eye for Mommy to stop taking pictures and get back in the pool.
 Her wavy hair status post pool.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

MeMe feeding Sam to the hippo.
 Kick off your shoes and hop on in
 Sam looking at the fish
 And then trying to walk in
 Elliott and MeMe having some girl talk.

Poor Sam just wants to walk around in the water so bad. 
Sam drinking Pop Pop's water like a big boy. 

Sam got his hair cut

Sam got a haircut!
Here he is trying to play it cool.
 I love my little chunk!!
 Still looking cool as he falls over.
Kisses $5.00 each. Make the checks payable to my mom. 
 And Elliott refusing to let me take a picture of her. Check out those nice abrasions where she face-planted walking down the sidewalk. I wish I could claim pushing her, but she did it all by herself. She was good today and did get the "sparkle shoes" that she has been asking for all week. Stupid commercials on the Disney Channel!

Fultondale Children's Park

We turned the kiddos loose at the new Children's Park in Fultondale. There are big statues of hippos, elephants, giraffes and a huge large mouth bass. We just let them run until they had nothing left.
 Elliott wanted to walk the chain so badly.
 Sam didn't seem to notice that there was equipment; he just kept running.
 His only interest in the playground was to put leaves on the slides.
 I raced Elliott down the slide and won. Should I have let her win? Absolutely not. There are no trophies for losers in life.
 Sam had had enough of the heat and needed some relief.
 So he headed directly to Fultondale Splash Pad the sprinkler. Elliott was trying to decide if she was going to get in trouble for playing in the water.
 100% boy