Friday, June 8, 2012


Of course Elliott was a big chicken and didn't want to leave the steps.

 While Sam was the adventurous one trying to learn to swim with his new float.

 Without her long legs, Sam is bigger than Elliott.
Boy does that kid love to splash! 

 Slinging water all over just like a dog.

 Notice Elliott giving me bad eyes because I wouldn't let her play those toys.
 Tiny talking herself up into being brave like the Lion King.
 Old Man Sam
Thinking about swimming... 
and then going for it! 

She even dunked her face. 
 Sam was on the sidelines. His poor fingers were already wrinkled.
 Tiny is off like a fish!

 Andrew is excited for his new freedom.
 Sam looking for the moon.
There is no stopping this girl now. 

Mr Man feeling ill

Sam was sick so I got a whole lot of bedtime cuddles.

Turning the hose on some Alabama kids

The kiddos enjoying some sprinkler time after dinner.

 Elliott found the moon.
 And now she is worshiping the clover gods.

 Sam found the moon. It is one of his favorite things.
 Elliott thought that she was going to be sly and turn the hose on Daddy. Too bad the hose is not attached to the nosel.

Daddy brought out the super soaker! 

 Elliott using her super-powers to protect herself from the super soaker.
(Daddy puts ice in the super soaker before filling it up.) 

 Elliot trying to negotiate her way into obtaining the weapon.