Saturday, December 31, 2011

My children seem a little confused

We are having a little role reversal.
Elliott is playing with a firetruck while Sammy vacuums.
(Check out Mr Man showing off some chest.)

Making sure to get up under the couch... 


Rise and shine! 
Her mood picked up real quick when she noticed that there were PRESENTS!
She didn't think to wake up Sam; there were more important things to do at this point.
Sam was timid at first

but he got over it real quick.
Elliott rocking her new butterfly wings. Ophelia and Cow were too important to be left out of today.
Sam playing with his fishing puzzle.

Sam and his new train
All of Elliott's dreams came true with her Hello Kitty bike.
Sammy and his Flintstone car

Uh-oh. We have an MVA.
After naps it is off the the Barckley house.
They loved Caleb's roller coaster.
Sam was able to sit still.
Elliott sitting there looking awkward.
Sam all ready for more presents.
Mommy's Little Princess

Table tennis anyone?

Friday, December 30, 2011

Twas the day before Christmas

and the kiddos have been good
so we packed up the jeep
and headed to Nana's 'hood.
Sam and Papa Joe had a big time spinning around.
Nana doesn't have to worry about dusting her floors with these two around.

Nana pulled out an old pair of Brent's suspenders. She disapproved of Sam's saggy bottom.
Elliott wasn't shy about asking to open presents.
She is super pleased with a Mickey Mouse watch.

Elliott loves her Bambi movie. Did you know that Daddy and Papa Joe are going to kill her some deerses because they are yummy? At least that is what she tells me is going to happen.
Sam getting read a story about how Tow-Mater saved Christmas. Mr. Mater says it is a true story.

Sam wearing his Labrador bath towel like he killed it and is wearing it's skin as a trophy.
Sam and his old school clock. He was SUPER pleased and just kept saying "clock" over and over.

"I don't know what you are waiting for but we need to tear into this thing!"

Elliott not quite understanding this piece of antiquated technology but still happy because it plays her new song to sing, London Bridge.

Elliott got her pink gun that she asked Papa Joe for. What are you so serious about?
Oh no you don't! (Notice that Will is helping her aim at her brother.)
We are now ready to do this... Initiate Christmas!
My toddlies all snuggled in their beds with no idea what fun Baby Jesus Birthday party will be!