Thursday, July 26, 2012

Elliott the Artist

Elliott is starting to draw recognizable figures. She drew a picture of me. I hope that isn't bird poop falling from the sky.

I can't believe that he is 2!

My sweet baby boy is 2!!!
And then there is this...
She is a hawt mess

Bad eyes
Sammy is showing you his teeth.
Silly smiles for the camera.

Splash Pad Par-tay!

Sam's birthday celebration was at the Splash Pad.
Sam is such a water baby.
Had to stop to pick his nose.

The water pressure went down for a few seconds and Sam decided to investigate with his head directly over the hole that the water comes out.
Elliott prefers the playground to the water park.

It sure does look like Taran is going to kick him.
Elliott enjoying some MeMe time.

Baby A and I got hit by water when a bunch of mischievous boys ran by.
 She thought it was funny.
Fat Kid gets hit again.

Tiny finally ventures out.
Action shot

The girls and their Popsicle bonding.
Mr Man is all tuckered out after a LONG day.

Saturday, July 21, 2012


Elliott asked me to write Courtney a note, "Tell Cor'ney that I loves her."
Note the purple C and O. Elliott said, "See, I write her her name."
 Sam decided to tag the kitchen wall with a black crayon. He says that he drew cookies.
Not precious.

Guess who got a big man bed?

Sammy was excited about me turning his crib into a bed.
He had to thoroughly test it out to make sure it was safe. You just can't trust a woman with tools. 
 He got really excited when he saw his Lorax perched in the corner.
I think he likes it! 

 Moment of truth. It is bedtime. Will it pass the final inspection?


Her boo-boo hurts

Won't you kiss it and make it all better?

This is how she rolls...

There is nothing wrong about watching some Super Why wearing Minnie Mouse ears and no pants while eating Apple Jacks.

Living the Dream

Letting the kiddos run wild in the front yard with the sprinkler