Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Day

We had a white Christmas, sort of.  This picture was taken seconds before Elliott took off running full speed through the front yard.
 And Mr. Monkey Man looks more like an elf than he does Santa with his ears all goofy because of the hat.
 Elliott got down to business as soon as the presents came out.
 Look at her go to work!
 Sam was taking too long so she just handled the business.
 "Hey, wait a minute. That is mine!"
 What has him so interested and happy that he busted out the dimples?
 Of course he had to hang with his girl Taran as well.
 Elliott making silly faces while playing with her puppy. I think he was a hit because she took him to MeMe's room for naptime.
 Sam was more interested in his people than his new boom box.
 PopPop and his Cookie Monsterette
 Blowing raspberries at one another
 Time to play some Kinect
 Elliott couldn't let Daddy have all the fun.
 Riding the "gray mare"
 And Sam spent a great deal of time in the jump-jump watching all the silly Barckleys play XBox.
 Being a ladies man
 Elliott reading a book with Daniel. I wonder if the book was "Everyone Poops" because ELLIOTT WENT POOPIE IN THE POTTY!!!! It was a Christmas miracle!!
 And Sam missed it all...