Wednesday, December 8, 2010

December 2, Thursday

Why are bears always so angry? I would be ticked if some little fat kid put my cousin's head in his mouth.
He is so proud of himself. He can maneuver into a sitting position all by himself now!
First was gluttony and then now pride. Son, you are on a slippery slope.
But at least it is a fun slope

SaNtA pIcTuReS!!

Sam didn't care and this is the only shot where Elliott wasn't screaming. The "elves" were all apologetic because they didn't think that this was a good picture. We were thrilled that they were less than 3 feet from one another and only one was crying. Those "elves" need to learn to lower their standards and accept reality.
Elliott coloring at Chili's after her ordeal. She was traumatized by today. Not only did we go to the mall and NOT buy anything, then we went to St. Vincent's to visit baby Owen. She knows that babies come from there and she still gets agitated every time we go.